Insurance Fraud: Detecting and Preventing Unethical Practices

Insurance fraud is a pervasive problem that affects both individuals and the insurance industry as a whole. It involves the intentional submission of false or misleading information to deceive insurers and obtain undeserved benefits. This unethical practice not only leads to financial losses for insurance companies but also drives up premiums for honest policyholders. In … Read more

Top 6 Skills in Finance

The world of finance rapidly evolves with the rise of digitization and globalization. Finance professionals need to constantly keep themselves well-trained and qualified to respond to the latest trends and market demands. As such, modern finance skills need to go beyond traditional computation and account management skills to survive in the competitive landscape. You’ll need … Read more

Top Financial Modeling Courses

Most Popular Financial Modeling Courses Top financial modeling courses – If you want to learn how to build an Excel model from scratch, you’ve come to the right place.  CFI has an extensive library of tutorials, lessons, and training to teach you how to build advanced Excel models. This guide outlines the most popular financial … Read more